Confidence & Concentration for Life, Work, Sport

Have you ever thought about what it is about your heroes that makes them so good at what they do? Think of great sportsmen and women, world leaders and successful entrepreneurs and others whom you admire.

You’ve heard the phrase 10% talent, 90% perspiration.

Well, that 90% is more important than the 10%. Why? Because no-one achieves anything without effort. So why are there so many people who seem to put in so much effort, but achieve so little?

Our heroes make things seem effortless. The key thing they all have in common is vision and self belief. That makes the effort seem less daunting, and the road more enjoyable. Not only do they have self belief, but they can see, hear, feel and taste success. They can visualise themselves doing what they want to do, and they know what they need to do to get there.

They also have a voice inside themselves that guides and encourages them. Not a criticising negative voice that points out failures. A voice instead that gets excited about learning, both from mistakes and from successes; a voice that recognises better ways of moving forward in the future, expands their perception and identifies different ways of achieving their aims. They can also focus completely on success at crucial moments, so much so that scoring that goal, holing that putt, making that sale, passing that test, winning that prize, being great in that moment is inevitable.

You too can change your future by learning through hypnosis how to listen to that encouraging, supportive inner voice. Be able to tap into feelings of success and self belief. Build inner confidence and create more focus and concentration when you need it most.