Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

The emphasis in magazines and lifestyle books is on eating in a well balanced yet enjoyable way, exercising body and mind, to keep the body healthy avoid any addictive substances such as alcohol which is a depressant or tobacco or drugs.

It’s easy to look at your own life and think that tomorrow you’ll take the first step to a healthier lifestyle by eating the right things, by stopping smoking or drinking alcohol. How many times in the past have you tried, but still found yourself giving up, giving up?

It’s like a New Year’s resolution, but so many times we are swayed by friends or family, or just find ourselves getting back into bad habits without realising why. Other habits such as nail biting or stammering and many more can cause low self esteem and yet it can feel easier just to carry on than to stop. We can also give ourselves a whole list of excuses, such as “I can only have a social life if I smoke.” Well of course, we know that people who don’t smoke have great social lives. Also, they don’t suffer with ashtray breath, smelly hair, ageing and yellowing skin, stained teeth, breathing problems, or a multitude of diseases and many other things which smoking causes.

So not only do non-smokers have good social lives, they are likely to enjoy them longer.

Many people have tried several times to change their habits, and then we see the yo-yo dieters for example. Every time someone goes on a diet, losing weight for a while, feeling good about themselves and then what happens? Perhaps they manage to get to their target weight and then when they try to go back to normal, they start putting the weight back on. Sometimes, the diet only lasts for a few weeks or even days, because their favourite food just seems so tempting and once it’s eaten, they know they failed and give up and feel even worse about themselves than before.

You’ve heard people say: “I couldn’t help it! It was just there! It was like it was begging me to eat it! I just had to finish the plate, rather than waste it!” There is always a new excuse around the corner.

Some people comfort eat, and others just don’t know what it’s like to feel full!

People who try and fail are told that they have no will power. In fact it has nothing to do with will power.

Using hypnosis, you can find in yourself a real and compelling desire to be healthier, fell fitter and to feel really good about your life, yourself, your goals and become who you deserve to be. With this knowledge you can put aside your bad habits and begin to celebrate a freedom you have never felt before.