Fears & Phobias

So many of us have worries about things we don’t like. It’s quite reasonable to have a fear of poisonous snakes for example, especially if we are in an environment which means we are likely to come into contact with them.

However fear may have an unreasonable effect on your life, limiting your life choices or affecting those around you. Perhaps a fear of spiders stops you going into a room, or a fear of flying stops you and your family from enjoying a holiday in the sun. Maybe a photo of a fabulous view causes you to feel panic because you have an irrational fear of heights.

A fear of interviews or doing presentations, meeting people can prove a real barrier to developing your career, or a meaningful relationship. There is no real danger, but you can’t stop that feeling of fear or panic.

These irrational fears could have been passed on from a loved one. Perhaps they were afraid of something, so you have picked up on their panic and have adopted it yourself.

Perhaps you have no idea what caused your phobia, and it could have been growing stronger through the years, even to a point where you are totally paralysed by sheer terror.

There are several treatments in the hypnotherapist’s tool kit to resolve unwarranted fears. In all cases you will be in a safe and comfortable environment, in a total state of relaxation and therapy will proceed at your own pace.

Hypnotherapy changes the way you perceive whatever it is that you are scared of; substituting new more positive feelings that overcome any suggestion of irrational fear.

You may for example be able to become familiar with the feelings you had in a time before the fear developed, so that you can experience what it is like not to have that fear and see it in a new perspective.

As therapy progresses you will find that you can visualise your phobia differently and even see yourself being able to cope with it easily and effectively in the future.

What’s more, that new found confidence and freedom will become part of your real life, and you can find that facing up to your fear opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you.