What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy works with a client to open their mind to new possibilities, encouraging the use of inner resources to direct the mind/body connection to achieve positive results. This is a complimentary based therapy which works within the client’s own world and achieves results by cooperation.

Hypnosis reduces the effects of stress on the body by inducing deep relaxation, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and relaxing muscle tension. In this enhanced state of awareness, the unconscious mind can be opened to reveal deeper levels of knowledge and untapped potential. At the point of revealed change, the unconscious and the conscious mind become at one with each other. Internal conflict, which hampers our ability to achieve what we need or want, is resolved. This changes our perspective and thought processes on a long term basis.

Find out how it feels to think like a non-smoker or a slim person, celebrate the joy of feeling good about yourself, feel confident in your abilities, and totally in “the zone” in high pressure situations; free of debilitating fears and focus on success at work, in sport and every day using the power of your own mind to achieve your aims.

Is Hypnotherapy Magic?

Therapy is a process that can facilitate change, however while it can open doors and the therapist can guide a client to walk through those doors, it is totally up to the client whether to choose to cooperate in the process.

Hypnotherapy will not cause someone to do anything against which they are opposed. Hypnotherapy works where the client feels comfortable and willing to enter fully into the therapeutic journey with the guidance and support of the therapist. Hypnotherapy is not magic, it is a journey of revelation and of growth.

Dr Brian Alman stated: “If the motivation to make the change is present and is stronger than any motivation to oppose the change, then the change can occur.”