Pain Therapy

Kathleen’s pain therapy services are open to patients from GP surgeries and pain clinics by recommendation, or from individual clients by personal enquiry. Chronic pain including headaches, back pain, arthritis and pain associated with cancer are just some of the chronic pains that can make our lives really difficult.

While the source of the pain may be located somewhere in the body, it is chemical reactions which create a chain of messages within the brain that cause us to recognise it.

Pain should never be ignored as it is our body’s way of telling us there is some problem, so it is essential that anyone suffering pain should firstly seek medical advice. However following diagnosis and treatment, pain may continue to distress us, despite serving no useful purpose.

Hypnotherapy to control or manage pain can offer help when medication and alternative therapies have failed. Kathleen can teach you to use self-hypnosis to alter the way the brain interprets the pain message, reducing it or even allowing you to let go of it completely.

Kathleen is able to offer a visiting service for clients who are housebound, to deliver hypnotherapy for pain relief in the comfort of their own homes.